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Really Simple Syndication

The class create a valid RSS XML.


$rss = new Domframework\Rss ();
$rss->title ("Global Title")
    ->link ("http://localhost")
    ->language ("fr-fr")
    ->description  ("The Super Global Description");
$rss->addItem ()->title ("Item1 Title")
                ->link ("http://Item1Link")
                ->description  ("Item1 Description");
$rss->addItem ()->title ("Item2 Title")
                ->pubDate ("2017-04-13 12:25:30")
                ->link ("http://Item2Link")
                ->description  ("Item2 Description");
$res = $rss->asXML ();

The class definition

Class Domframework\Rss

Namespace Domframework


 Create the RSS pages for the websites

 Will use RssItem class


No property available


public function addItem ()
 Add a new item to the RSS
 Return the new rss object created

public function asXML ()
 Return the complete RSS in XML format
 Throw an exception if there is some mandatory fields missing

public function description ( $description=null)
 Get/Set the value
 @param string|null $description The description to get/set

public function language ( $language=null)
 Get/Set the value
 @param string|null $language The language to get/set

public function lastBuildDate ( $lastBuildDate=null)
 Get/Set the value
 The date must be in the SQL format Y-m-d H:i:s
 @param string|null $lastBuildDate The lastBuildDate to get/set

public function link ( $link=null)
 Get/Set the value
 @param string|null $link The link to get/set

public function title ( $title=null)
 Get/Set the value
 @param string|null $title The title to get/set