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JSON Web Token

This class allow to generate JSON Web Tokens and check if the user provided token is valid

The class definition

Class \jwt

Namespace \


 Allow to manage the JSON Web Tokens
 Based on


No property available


public function createKey ()
 Create a signing key
 @return string the signing key proposed

public function decode ( $jwt, $key, $allowedAlg=null)
 Decode the provide JWT and return an array of the payload
 @param string $jwt The token to examine
 @param string $key The key used to sign the message
 @param array|null $allowedAlg List of allowed algorithms. If null, all the
 algorithms defined in $this->supportedAlgs are allowed
 @return array the decoded payload
 @throw Exception if the key is not able to verify the token with the
 provided password

public function encode ( $payload, $key, $alg="HS256")
 Create the token based on payload, key
 @param array $payload The payload to store
 @param string $key The key to be used to sign the token
 @param string|null $alg The algorithm to use to sign the token (default
   is HS256)
 Allowed algorithms : HS256, HS512, HS384
 @return string The Token