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Command line parameters

The options provided to the command permit to configure the software. They are really important, must be placed in any order, must support multiple times options


// Definition of the options to check
$getopts = new getopts ();
// The parameters to add method are :
// - The identifier of the options
// - The short options (one letter with/without semi-colon) to check
// - The long options without double dash, with/without semi-colon to check.
//   If string, use colon to separate the options
// - The description of the option to use in help
// - The description (or name) of the parameter
// - The same identifier can be called multiple time.
//   Set $multiple to set the maximum number of values
$getopts->add ("Help", "?h", array ("help","help2"), "Help of the software");
// Allow one -f with mandatory filename
$getopts->add ("ReadFile", "f:", "file:,joue::", "Read the file", "filename");
// Allow 2 -d maximum
$getopts->add ("Debug", "d", "debug", "Debug", "DebugLevel", 2);
// Allow 3 -o maximum with a mandatory filename
$getopts->add ("OutputFile", "o:", "output:", "Output File", "filename", 3);

// Read a value : return false if the value is not set
// Return an true if the value is set
// The help method return the help page
if ($getopts->get ("Help"))
  die ($getopts->help ());

// Read a value : return an empty array if debug is not set,
// Return an array with one "true" if -d is set one time
// Return an array with two "true" if -d is set two times
var_dump ($getopts->get ("Debug"));

Create the help message automatically

echo $getopts->help ();
-?, -h, --help, --help2
  Help of the software
-f: filename, --file: filename, --joue:: [filename]
  Read the file
-d, --debug
-i: DebugLevel, --
-o: filename, --output: filename
  Output File