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Create HTML Forms

The form is the based method to communicate with the users, and to get information. The created form is compatible with the Bootstrap library

Create a HTML form

$form = new \form ();
$values = array ();
$errors = array ();
$values = $form->getOldValues ($values);
$errors = $form->getOldErrors ($errors);

$fields = array ();

// Define the fields to display
$field = new \formfield ("requesterMail", _("Requester mail"));
$field->type = "hidden";
$fields[] = $field;

$field = new \formfield ("visitedName", _("Your name"));
$field->values = "default value";
$field->mandatory = true;
$field->maxlength = 128;
$fields[] = $field;

$form->fields ($fields);
echo $form->printHTML ("post", $values, $errors);

Get the values

$route = new route ();
$form = new \form ();
$values = $form->values ();
// Here check the values
$errors = array ();
$form->saveValuesErrors ($values, $errors);
if (count ($errors)) $route->redirect ("/request");
$requestObj->create ($values);
$form->saveValuesErrorsReset ();
$route->redirect ("/request");


The Form class blocks the user when it try to submit multiple times the form page. This is a working bug in Edge and Chrome.

The second point of security is a CSRF token automatically added to the page. If the token received by the POST is invalid, the request is rejected.